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Fiona Spence spends half her week working as a communications manager for an international development organisation and the other half singing ‘the wheels on the bus’ and ‘twinkle twinkle’ with her almost-toddling toddler. When she gets the opportunity she loves to travel, take the odd photograph, watch weepy films and eat good food with her husband and friends.

Am I about to ruin my son’s Christmas?

// Santa? Or no Santa?

Written by Fiona Spence

Weren’t we all going to change the world?

// God’s plan meant excitement, risk, facing down knife-wielding lunatics in alleyways, welcoming drug addicts into my home, letting them raid...

Written by Fiona Spence

Why should I give my money to the church?

// I’ve heard many sermons about why Christians should give their money to the Church, but I’ve had very little feedback...

Written by Fiona Spence