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Following a degree in Geography which hasn't helped her Geographical knowledge, Becky spent a year as an intern for a church in Durham and now finds herself working full-time as a children and families worker in Southend-on-sea. Isaiah 61 is her life verse. On a less holy note - You can often find her with pic'n'mix in one hand and diet coke in another.

Have we lost the art of neighbourliness?

// It is our job as Christians to be those annoying neighbours who bake cookies like ‘desperate housewives’, coo over the...

Written by Becky Steed

False advertising

// “Shiny happy people holding hands”

Written by Becky Steed

Losing my religion?

// Why oh why in those few weeks a year that I travel home do I always fall short of who...

Written by Becky Steed