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Bex works for CODEC (Durham Uni) as Research Fellow in Social Media and Online Learning. With a passion for discipleship in a digital age, she manages the BIGBible Project. She’s also director of Digital Fingerprint, a social media consultancy. In February 2014 she published Raising Children in a Digital Age, selling half its print run in the first two weeks, and getting a chance to chat to Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2. Her other claim to fame is that her PhD established the official history of the Keep Calm and Carry On poster.

Redeeming Culture in a Digital Age

// "I’m a passionate believer that we need to be ‘incarnational’ in the digital spaces, whether those are specifically ‘Christian’ spaces...

Written by Bex Lewis

Zapping time

// As a polymath with a low boredom threshold and a butterfly brain, when I’m doing some dull administrative task there...

Written by Bex Lewis