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Andy spent eight years working as a BBC news and sports journalist, as well as commentating on his beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers. For the past nine years he's been one of the leaders at ChristChurch London. In his spare time he writes crime thrillers, and he’s watched the Lord of The Rings trilogy a few too many times for his wife’s liking. He lives in Sutton with his wife Joy and two children, Brody & Mia.

Sunday shopping: the pursuit of happiness

// Longer working hours, more money and encouraging consumerism might not be the best way to build strong communities, stable families...

Written by Andy Tilsley

Jesus the disappointment

// "... the liberator that wasn’t; the unfulfilled dream."

Written by Andy Tilsley

Joseph, freedom and Frozen

// "True freedom still requires discipline, forethought and mental strength."

Written by Andy Tilsley

Be careful what you wish for

// "Whether this year brings breakthrough success or unequalled loneliness, remember the bigger picture, the better story."

Written by Andy Tilsley

The hallmark of a transformed life

// Part 2 of our series on Joseph.

Written by Andy Tilsley

You’re not called to be a superhero

// If you read this you’ll discover God’s will for your life.

Written by Andy Tilsley

A sparkling relationship

// But, when it comes to marriage, there is one thing that is both more important: How you finish matters more...

Written by Andy Tilsley

Pigeon Christians

// "If people of faith don’t learn to communicate in accessible, comprehensible ways and if the language that we use hasn’t...

Written by Andy Tilsley

Play second fiddle

// "Leonard Bernstein, the late conductor of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, was once asked to name the most difficult instrument...

Written by Andy Tilsley

Growth: the slow, the secret and the unspectacular

// "I wonder how Pavarotti felt during those fourteen years of relative obscurity. Chances are that a fair few of those...

Written by Anthony O. Thomas