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Anna is an American who has lived in the Old World for the past six years, mainly England due to her marriage to a Brit. In her adult life she has carried on the main interests of her childhood: music, sports, and stories - the last manifesting itself in a communications job and a keen interest in history. Never truly enjoying (or being good at) knitting and crafts, she is very much looking forward to playing basketball one day with her son.

On being a not-so-safe parent

// "I know that ultimately, my son belongs to God, and God’s vision is bigger than just what I or my...

Written by Anna Moyle

Tilting towards real beauty

// My son doesn’t even have to look for beauty in the everyday - for him, everything is fascinating, right down...

Written by Anna Moyle

Chucking the check-list

// I want my son to fit in with the crowd, to be popular, or at least respected; to not be...

Written by Anna Moyle