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Alasdair is a marine biologist and perpetual wanderer, though has recently settled in Vancouver, Canada, in search of real maple syrup, Mounties and grizzly bears. When not attempting to save the world by counting fish, he can be found gradually working his way through the repertoire of local craft breweries or taking out his frustrations by donning skimpy shorts, a vest and throwing himself into the chaos of an Aussie Rules game. You can read his tweets on the perpetual disappointments of being an Aston Villa fan at @keepfishing.

I misread Jeremiah 29:11

// "It's a great verse if you don't think about it too hard"

Written by Alasdair Lindop

Take a deep breath

// "Suddenly I gained a fresh perspective on my stresses and petty sulking and I finally relaxed. Believing those words brought...

Written by Alasdair Lindop