Many of us can often have stereotypical and out-dated views of people living in poverty – and in particular people living in poverty in Africa. There is great need and the generosity of British people through aid and other giving, has made a positive impact in numerous ways. But it’s good to be reminded that people there are still just like people here. This Mama Hope video does just that.

Take This Bread is the remarkable account of how a lesbian, atheist, left-wing journalist in America walked into a church one day and came face to face with God. Sara Miles popped into the church out of curiosity while walking along the street in her hometown of San Francisco. She was offered communion and at that moment had an experience which changed her life. The mother-of-one is still a committed lesbian and doesn’t fit the mould of most in full-time ministry. But I found her story inspirational and it is a challenge to those who feel uncomfortable with ‘her type’ being a part of the body of Christ.

The Promise is an excellent four-part drama series which thanks to the wonders of on-demand  television is available to watch on 4oD. The excellent Claire Foy (Little Dorrit) plays a moody British teenager whose best friend has to move to Israel to do her national service. Foy’s character Erin, accompanies her and takes with her the diary of her ill grandfather, who served in the Army during the creation of Israel in the late 1940s. The drama follows both story-lines; the region as Erin sees it now and also the story of her grandfather as a young soldier there, 50 years earlier. The two narratives twist together beautifully and it’s a superb way of learning about modern day Israel/Palestine within its historical context.

Comic David Mitchell, the articulate, pretend-grump who adorns most panel shows these days has a nice line in thoughtful and amusing reflections on life, society and things that bug him. In this one he explains why hating Marmite isn’t like physics.

As someone who much prefers taking photographs of people than places I found myself drawn to the Shoot The Face photo competition finalists. This one and this one struck me in particular.

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Joe is from Sheffield and being a northern immigrant to the capital is still enjoying the novelty of London. A journalist by trade he enjoys writing about many things, among them faith, international affairs and global justice. He also has a morbid fascination with American politics (what other kind is there?) and is an avid follower of the Green Bay Packers. Can often be found wandering along the Thames listening to Radio 5Live.

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